live Cattle slaughterhouse equipment Carcass Processing Chilling butchery Pulley hook of cow slaughterhouse abattoir machine (QE-CA02)

Which mainly used to hanging cattle carcass one convey rail for carcass processing、carcass acid treatment 、cattle carcass pre-de-boning, the detail data as following:

1)-Material: stainless steel

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We own machinery factory to produce slaughtering equipment, refrigeration equipment and stainless steel products and constructure steel structure.We also have an independent import and export trade company, the purpose is for that we will export laughterhouse equipment to othe country, as well as free of charge to help customers purchase some slaughtering industry auxiliary equipment.
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Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., LTD has built slaughterhouses that distributed over 30 countries, such as USA,Cambodia,Burma,Botswana,Canada,Russian,Vietnam,North Korea,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Ivory Coast,Libya,Tanzania,Out Mongolia,South African,Egypt,Nigeria,Thailand,India,Pure,Ethiopia and so on etc. If you want to build a slaughterhouse, then please contact EME slaughterhouse .

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    plea quote catle pulley 2inc and 1.5 inch pulley please rply as soon as
    • slaughtering machinery 2
      Hello amin, Try many time send email back to you.but never be please try email to me: Dear AMIN, Have a nice day.thank your inquiry for the cattle pulley hooks to my company.and so my apoloies late response.we are just professional slaughterhouse equipments sytem manufactory in China.mainly supply various cpacity and differety style abattoir project. May I have confirm with your the inquiry sheet still be effective.please attention to me your detail commnuication for qutoation sheet Company name, Tel/fax, Add, Sincerely Yours! Clockly Liu Jul 21th,2014