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  1. warren Leamy 0
    Hi Lity - trusting you are well We would like to order some samples – 20 units - QE-S104 Sheep bleeding Shackle in stainless steel - please advise your best price and delivery time needed Many thanks WARREN LEAMY 073 885 8930 0422811260 Fax 07 3885 8940 1800 66900 6 www.mefe.com.au This email (which includes all attachments and linked documents) is intended for and is confidential to the addressee; it may also be subject to legal professional privilege or otherwise protected from disclosure. If you are not the addressee, or if you have received this email in error, you must not use, rely upon, disclose or reproduce it (or any part of it) in any way. Please notify the sender of your receipt of it and delete it in its entirety. Neither Mitchell Engineering - Food Equipment Pty Ltd (or any of its related entities) accepts any liability for computer viruses, data corruption, delay, interference, interception, unauthorised access or amendment of this email. The views expressed in this email, unless clearly stated otherwise, are the views of the sender. They do not necessarily represent the view or policy of Mitchell Engineering - Food Equipment Pty Ltd or any of its related entities.