Sheep/goat skin remove machine (QE-S107-I)

This machine mainly used for sheep and goat skin removed, The machine compare is more convenient for controlling and weight is less compare the old technology, the gear motor and air compress systems teamwork, as normal this machine used for small and middle size sheep and goat abattoir (slaughter), The machine working with less noise and working condition more stated.

1)-Pneumatic Cylinder : 1600mm

2)-Out Size: 950X530X2600mm (LXWXH)

3)-Roller speed: 1.6-16m/min

4)-Rated Voltage: 380V/ 3P / 50HZ

5)-Power: 1.5Kw

6)-Maximum operating pressure:0.6MPa

7)-Material: Stainless steel and hot galvanized steel

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  1. evelyn nguleka 0
    how much is the QE-S107-I)