Living pig three points stunning machine (QE-P102-III)

Which mainly used in big scale slaughtering house, the machine include three stunning copper stick, two for head and one for heart, this design will make sure pig un-stunning rated less than 1%, the convey systems of machine used the rubber block and design available height which will make sure the bone broken pig less than 1%, the machine also include one scan systems used to make sure the pig stop in a best position inside machine for stunning, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

2)-Air pressure: 6.0Pa

3)-Power: 2.2Kw

4)-Air consume: 30L/pig

5)-Convey Speed: 7m/min-28m/min

6)-Capacity: 2500Pig per shift

7)-Out size: LX1100X1750mm(LXWXH)


8.1  Stainless steel in sus304 mainly frame and cover

8.2  Copper stunning prods

8.3  The machine controlling by PLC systems

8.4  Electric motor and reducer



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