Pig abattoir(slaughter) tube type automatic over head convey rail (QE-P106-I)

Which mainly used to hanging and convey pig for bleeding、carcass processing and so on, the detail data as following:

1)-Rate Voltage: 380V/220V, Controlling Voltage: 24VDC

2)-Driving Power: 3Kw

3)-Chain distance: P=1000mm

4)-Speed: 3-7m/min (Suitable for adjustment)

5)-Load distance: 800-1200mm


6.1  Stainless steel orbit in sus304

6.2  Hot galvanized steel suspension beam

6.3  Cast iron hanger

7)-Remark: Include following auxiliary device

7.1  Driving Device

7.2  Tension device

7.3  Rotator device

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