Pig carcass automatic cleaning machine (QE-P109-I-II)

Pig carcass automatick cleaning machine QE-P109-I

Pig half carcass automatic cleaning machine QE-P109-II

Which mainly used to cleaning dirty when finished bleeding for scalding, The remnant blood and bacilli will be cleaning before scalding, that can reduce scalding water waste and avoid pig influence each other rated, the water will be out put along beside panel of carcass cleaning machine make sure the bacilli can’t stay inside machine for long time, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated Voltage: 380V / 50HZ / 3PHASE

2)-Power: 4X0.75KW

3)-Spray pressure: 0.2Mpa

4)-Capacity: 200-300 pig per hour

5)-Out size:

5.1  QE-P109-I: 12153X1400X2530mm(LXWXH)

5.2  QE-P109-II: 1000X900X2300mm(LXWXH)


6.1  Hot galvanized steel support frame

6.2  All rest is stainless steel

6.3  Include 10spare rubber sticks

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