Pig carcass steam scalding tank (QE-P302)

Which is the most advantage way for pig hair scalding with best technology all over world, that mainly used in big size pig slaughtering plant, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated voltage: 380V, 50HZ

2)-Power: X*4KW

3)-Temperature: 600C-650C

4)-Scalding time: 6-7Minutes

5)-Out size: LX1040X3980mm(LXWXH)

6)-Water Consumption: 1.5-2Kg Per pig

7)-Include the automatic temperature controlling device, Alarm device and temperature adjustment and showing screen.

8)-Steam Consumption: 1-1.5Kg Per Pig

9)-Machinery Characteristic:

9.1  This way needn’t put the pig into water for scalding, it is more sanitation and well avoid infection each other.

9.2  It is well avoid the viscera infection

9.3  And compare to other type machine this machine is much more quickly when scalding the pig, this good to short the water waste.

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