Spiral type pig carcass de-hair machine (QE-P304-I)

Which used to compound with steam-channel type scalding for pig hair removed and main used in big pig slaughtering plant, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated voltage: 380V, 50hez

2)-Power: 1.5+2*22.2Kw(the 1.5Kw motor for pig hair out-put convey systems, the 22.2Kw motor for mainly pig de-hair machine)

3)-Max loading weight: 150Kg

4)-Capacity: 400-5000Pig per hour

5)-Out size: 4500×1950×2150mm (LXWXH)

6)- When the pig get out from the steam scalding tunnel will be un-loading into the de-hair machine, the de-hair machine include two de-hair axes and each axes include many hair removed sticks, the sticks will beat different side of the pig carcass, the hair will drop on the out-put convey machine to appoint plat for storage, the water will be heating and cycles used, include pig hair out put systems

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  1. zacharia 0
    I need a machine that can de-hair cattle,sheep, pigs hairs