Automatic type pig carcass singe stove machine (QE-P305-I)

Which mainly used to burn pig remnant hair for big size pig slaughtering plant, the detail data as following:

1)-Material: hot galvanized steel and stainless steel

2)-Air consume: 6L/Per Pig

3)-Out size: 2200X1120X270mm(LXWXH)

4)-Natural Gas Consumption: 0.8 Kg Per Pig

5)-Remark: Which include 4piece gas & air mixed hollow pole with 32 fire spraying tap per pole, the fire spraying tap will connect with the original gas supply tube, every fire spraying tap accompany with a fire switch, the singing time will controlling by PLC, there is one butterfly type valve will automatic adjustment the speed and style or the fire, there are two pieces hot defending panel and include on stainless steel chimney, In case there are something not going well with the machine which have be installation a electric protection device

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