Pig carcass automatic splitting saw (QE-P313-IV)

Which mainly used for pig carcass half cutting, and this is the most advantage splitting saw all over word, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated voltage: 380VAC, 50HZ

2)-controlling voltage: 24VDC

3)-Power: ≤27KW

4)-Speed: ≥450T/min

5)-Max Cutting Distance: 1800mm

6)- Translational stroke: 2000mm

7)- Material:

7.1  Stainless steel

7.2  Hot galvanized steel


8.1  Available used for big size abattoir

8.2  Full automatic splitting and continue working

8.3  Automatic cleaning

8.4  Low noise

8.5  no cross-contamination

8.6  Achieve synchronization quarantine of the carcass and viscera

8.7  the photoelectric signal recognition will start the program

8.8  Less meat lost

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