Livestock abattoir(slaughtering) air compressor (QE-TD205)

Which mainly used to offer high-pressure air for some machine which need controlling or driving by pneumatic, the detail data as following:

1)-Capacity: X M3/ Min

2)-Rated Voltage: 380V/ 3P / 50HZ

3)-Power: 11Kw

4)-Working Pressure: 1.3Mpa

5)-Noise: 68±2dB(A)

6)-Cooling Style: Air Cooling

7)-Air Oil Content: ≤2.5PPM

8)-Material: Stainless steel

9)-Out Size: LX800X1130mm (LXWXH)

10)-Weight: 400Kg

11)-Remark: include following auxiliary device

11.1  Air storage tank with I.0M3

11.2  Air dryer device with capacity 2.4m³/min

11.3  Air filter device

air compressor machine


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