Combination type poultry incubator and hatcher equipment (QE-BH102)

Which mainly used for eggs incubator and hatching, the detail data as following:


1.1  For farm chicken eggs、pigeon eggs、home chicken、partridge eggs is 22000pieces

1.2  For ducks eggs、meat chicken is 19200pieces

1.3  For mandarin duck、turkey、peafowl is 16128pieces

1.4  For goose、wide goose is 9216pieces

1.5  Quail and other bird eggs is 54016pieces

2)-Rated voltage: 380V/50HZ

3)-Temperature precision: ≤±0.1℃

4)-Power: 5000W

5)-Out size: 3900X1750X2150mm (LXWXH)

6)-Material: Armor plate main structure and alloy margin

hatcher incubator

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  1. Shamsu Galadima 1
    pls send the price of BH102 incubator. thank you