Livestock Bowl Cutting Machine QE-LM103


Which mainly used to cutting the beef/mutton, dog-meat, fat and so on into stuffing then mixture with water, slice ice and auxiliary material for stuffing material, the chop knifes high speed working will good avoid spring roll and meat ball raw material heat cause machine working, this way will keep the raw material of sausage in savageness color, flexibility and fresh, the detail data of machine as following:


1)-Capacity: 50-80Kg Per time (10time per hour)


2)-Power: 13.8Kw


3)-Kopis: 6 Pieces


4)-Kopis rotate speed: 1680/3450 R/Min


5)-Pot rotate speed: 7/16R/Min


6)-Machine Weight: 1000Kgs


7)-Machine Material: stainless steel with sus304 grade, Blade material: 3-CR-13

8)-Out size: 1500X865X1400mm (LXWXH), Saw Diameter: 310mm

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