By-product lifting scraping conveying machine (QE-AR103-I&II)

By-product lifting scraping conveying machine (QE-AR103-I)

Powder delivery spiral conveying machien (QE-AR103-II)

Which used to transport the blood, viscera and fat to cook machine for next step processing and final product deliver, the detail data as following:

1)-Rating Voltage: 220/380V, 50HZ

2)-Power: 3Kw

3)-Mainly constructor material: Q235B, Out-surface material: SUS304

4)-Material thickness: 2mm

5)-Out size: 2000/70000X500mm (LXW)

6)- 3)-Diameter: 150mm、200mm、250mm、300mm、400mm、500mm、600mm

Conveying machine

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