New york meat processing of USA

The NEW YORK MEAT PROCESSING  manager director of Mr Mabashar Miah and general manager Mr Golam Mustafa visted EME manuafactory for equipment inspection and negotiation long term business cooperation.the member name in group photograph as bellowing(from left to right side):

1)-Jarvis Gu  (Engineer of EME)

2)-Mr Golam (General Manager of  NYMP)

3)-Mr Miah (Manager Director of  NYMP)

4)-Mrs Clockly Liu(Project manager of EME)


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  1. SHEIKH.M. 0

    sir, we are up-coming a project at Bangalore, India of sheep farming and meat processing unit, for which we need details like meat processing equipment , storage transportation, and other details,
    please furnish the primary details from starting.

    Thanking you