Vacuum Quantitative Sausage Filling Machine(QE-ZDG125)

This machine adopts vane pump, Servomotor, touchable screen demonstration and computer controlled. It can fill in succession and be very high efficiency. It suits for protein sausage casing, composite casing and other casings. The whole process is controlled in vacuum. Otherwise, it can seal by itself (With automatic knot tying device). It is very high efficiency, simple to Operate, waterproof and washing conveniently, stainless steel is used for all parts that contact the material under processing so that it can resist acid and corrosion. It is the ideal equipment for meat producer.

The detail data as following:

1)-Power: 3kw

2)-Volume: 125L

3)-Capacity: 2000kg/h

4)-Weight: 500kg

5)-Dimension: 1650x700x1800mm

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