Halal Best Price cattle/cow livestock design Muslim hanging lifting machine butchery equipment for cow slaughterhouse (QE-C109-II)

Slaughterhouse Equipment 四分体提升机&下降机8 Slaughterhouse Equipment>>Ask for Quotation<<

Which mainly used for each position as following:
1)-Mainly effect:
The QE-C108-I mainly used to lift cattle from killing box grid plate to over head automatic convey rail in big size cattle abattoir (slaughter)
The QE-C108-II mainly used to lifting fore-quarter from 1.2meter level to 2.4meter level over head convey rail
2)-Rated Voltage: 380V/220V, 50HZ
3)-Power: 1.5 KW.
4)-Lifting Height:
1200 mm(QE-C108-II)
5)- Conveying Track Size: ∮60x5
Iron coast rail hanger
Stainless steel orbit
All rest is hot galvanized or stainless steel
牛屠宰工艺图>>EME slaughterhouse equipment Structure
We own machinery factory to produce slaughtering equipment, refrigeration equipment and stainless steel products and constructure steel structure.We also have an independent import and export trade company, the purpose is for that we will export laughterhouse equipment to othe country, as well as free of charge to help customers purchase some slaughtering industry auxiliary equipment.
>>EME Achievements
Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., LTD has built slaughterhouses that distributed over 30 countries, such as USA,Cambodia,Burma,Botswana,Canada,Russian,Vietnam,North Korea,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Ivory Coast,Libya,Tanzania,Out Mongolia,South African,Egypt,Nigeria,Thailand,India,Pure,Ethiopia and so on etc. If you want to build a slaughterhouse, then please contact EME slaughterhouse .

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    we are doing business in live stock in pakistan on small level since many years
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