Cattle carcass descending machine (QE-C109-I&II&III)

Which mainly used for each position as following:
1)-Mainly effect:
The QE-C109-I mainly used to descend condemned cattle carcass from over head convey rail for deliver to appoint place
The QE-C109-II mainly used to un-loading cattle carcass from high convey rail(H=3.6m) to low convey rail(H=2.4m) for de-boning and other processing
The QE-C109-III mainly used to descend idle bleeding shackle for reused.
2)-Rated Voltage: 380V/220V, 50HZ
1.5KW (QE-C109-I & QE-C109-III)
4)-Descend level: 1200 mm(QE-C106-I & QE-C109-I & QE-C109-I)
5)- Conveying Track Size: ∮60x5
Iron coast rail hanger
Stainless steel orbit
All rest is hot galvanized or stainless steel

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