How to comprehend slaughterhouse As someone who is not working for slaughterhouse

How to comprehensions slaughterhouse  As someone who is not working for slaughterhouse



About slaughterhouse

A slaughterhouse, abattoir or meatworks is a facility where animals are killed for consumption as food. Slaughterhouses that process meat not intended for human consumption are sometimes referred to as knacker's yards or knackeries, used for animals that are not fit for consumption or can no longer work on a farm such as horses that can no longer work.Slaughtering animals on a large scale poses significant logistical problems, and public health requirements and public aversion in many cultures influences the location of slaughterhouses.

Animal welfare and animal rights groups frequently raise concerns about the methods of transport, preparation, herding, and killing within some slaughterhouses under the example of animal rights activists such as Howard Lyman and Ric O’Barry.But slaughterhouses is indispensable to our life, because in our life without meat.

So we should try to control the construction of the slaughterhouse specifications, guarantee the slaughterhouse to produce meat is qualified edible. In the previous diagram Which  is EME professional  slaughterhouse construction company building a Sluaghterhouse in the capital of  Kingdom of Cambodia.

If you want to learn more about the slaughterhouse construction of information, you can contact with our customer service, we will share with you about building slaughterhouse experience。

Thank you for the attention of EME slaughterhose!

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