EME slaughterhouse Equipment Top Suppliers in Thailand VIV Asia 2017

EME slaughterhouse Equipment Top Suppliers

in Thailand VIV Asia 2017




VIV Asia is the largest international platform for Southeast Asia’s booming animal protein production and processing industry. Held every two years in Bangkok, Thailand, VIV Asia has propelled itself to become the most important gateway to Asia’s emerging markets for professionals from throughout Asia involved in producing and processing animal proteins.


In 2015, the visitors represented every segment of animal protein production and processing, proving the show successfully extended its reach to cover all farm animal species. “VIV Asia 2015 has exceeded our expectations,” exclaims project manager Ruwan Berculo. “We wanted it to be a show that was relevant to everyone in Asia and also to the milk, aquaculture, meat and egg businesses as well as its established theme of feed to meat. This was most definitely achieved, and the show has been bigger again.”


Why VIV Asia?

• In 2017, VIV Asia will continue to be the best place to reveal world class innovations and to discuss the industry’s growing role in food security.
• VIV Asia 2015 attracted 38, 422 visitors from 124 countries, 57% from outside of Thailand.
• The combination of western business along with the enthusiasm and interest level shown by evolving Asian economies creates a sensational atmosphere for professionals active in the production and processing of poultry, swine, eggs, dairy and aquaculture.
Dates: March 15-17, 2017
Location: Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center. Bangkok, Thailand
Frequency: Biennial

Exhibit Profile:

• Industrial feed processing equipment, supplies, raw materials
• Feed ingredients and additives
• Feed
• Animal health
• Animal breeding
• Farm equipment
• Slaughter equipment
• Meat ingredients
• Meat processing, -packaging, -handling, refrigeration, egg processing, dairy processing
• Meat-, dairy-, egg products
• Subjects covering parts or all of the above-mentioned items in the meat supply chain
• Knowledge transfer and consultancy

Visitor Profile:

• Feed mills
• Poultry farms
• Pig farms
• Cattle farms
• Fish farms
• Agricultural farms
• Meat slaughtering companies
• Meat (further) processing companies
• Feed ingredients and additives companies
• Farm / industry equipment suppliers
• Distribution / wholesale / retail / trade meat (products)
• Other distribution / trade agencies
• Veterinarians
• Research / consultancy
• Large-scale integrated companies
• National / local authorities

Previous Show: March 11-13, 2015
No. of Visitors: 38,422
No. of Exhibitors: 875

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>EME  Structure
We own machinery factory to produce slaughtering equipment, refrigeration equipment and stainless steel products and constructure steel structure.We also have an independent import and export trade company, the purpose is for that we will export laughterhouse equipment to othe country, as well as free of charge to help customers purchase some slaughtering industry auxiliary equipment.


>EME Achievements
Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., LTD has built slaughterhouses that distributed over 30 countries, such as USA,Cambodia,Burma,Botswana,Canada,Russian,Vietnam,North Korea,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Ivory Coast,Libya,Tanzania,Out Mongolia,South African,Egypt,Nigeria,Thailand,India,Pure,Ethiopia and so on etc. If you want to build a slaughterhouse, then please contact EME.

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