Living cattle pneumatic ritual type(halal) killing box (QE-C104-II)


Which mainly used to fixed living cattle and turn with 1800 for killing, the detail data as following

1)-Design principle: Pneumatic and electric driving

2)-Capacity: 50-60cattle per hour

3)-Air Consumption: 30L/Cycle

4-Air compressed: PT1/4, 8Bar

5)-Distance: 3200X2300X2800mm (LXWXH)


  • Mainly material: Hot galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Industrial plastic
  • Aluminum and alloy

7)-Weight: 2800Kg

8)-Remark: Include one set cattle collection grid plate

9)-Operation procedure:

  • The cattle are driven to the driving-in opening door
  • The cattle is brought into position using a feeder flap and shifting of the positioned
  • The head is pushed upwards automatically by means of a shackle and positioned
  • The box is turned hydraulically by 900 or 1800 clockwise(from the perspective of the operator when in the box looking in the direction of the cattle)
  • Then the staffs killing cattle through neck

The box is turned 1800 side walls opened and automatically ejection of animal onto collection grid plate

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  1. Abraham Jaime Ohana 0
    Please, send me the price of living cattle pneumatic box type QE-C104-II. And please let me know if you do have, or can make the box for two ( 2 ) cattle, one in and one out. And if yes, please, send the quotation, in case you can build it,and how long time we need to wait, to get in Brazil. Thank you for your attention.
  2. Jama El-Khatib 0
    Dear sir or madam please send me a Price list for your equipment for cattle Slaughter house. best regards Jamal El-Khatib
  3. Emerson Profugo 0
    I would like to ask for a quotation of a Ritual Killing Box for Cattle, We already have this order and we are looking for a supplier to cater this requirement. Can you send me your quotation for this asap? thank you very much.
  4. Shamail 0
    Please let me know further details of Living cattle pneumatic ritual type(halal) killing box (QE-C104-II. Also let me know the price CIF Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  5. kassem khaled 0
    dear sir can we get the price of Living cattle pneumatic ritual type(halal) killing box (QE-C104-II)