Cattle carcass lifting machine (QE-107-I&II&III)

Which mainly used for each position as following:

1)-Mainly effect:

1.1  The QE-C107-I mainly used to lift cattle from killing box grid plate to over head automatic convey rail.

1.2  The QE-C107-II mainly used to take carcass the bleeding convey rail to carcass processing convey rail for further processing, the detail data as following:

1.3  The QE-C107-III mainly used to lifting idle transportation trolley to high level for reused.

2)-Power: 1.5Kw

3)-Hoisting ability:

3.1  2000Kg (QE-C107-I)

3.2  1000Kg (QE-C107-II)

3.3500Kg (QE-C107-III)

4)-Hoisting Speed: 8-14m/min

5)-Hoisting height:

5.1  7m(QE-C107-I)

5.2  3M(QE-C107-II & QE-C107-III)

6)-Rating voltage: 380VAC

7)-Decelerate machine: XLED-1.5-74-1/289

8)-Material: the wire is stainless steel

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