Cattle Halal Killing Box For Slaughtering Equipment

Which mainly used to fixed living cattle and turn with 1800 for killing, the detail data as following

1)-Design principle: Pneumatic and electric driving

2)-Capacity: 50-60cattle per hour

3)-Air Consumption: 30L/Cycle

4-Air compressed: PT1/4, 8Bar

5)-Distance: 3200X2300X2800mm (LXWXH)


  • Mainly material: Hot galvanized steel or stainless steel
  • Industrial plastic
  • Aluminum and alloy

7)-Weight: 2800Kg

8)-Remark: Include one set cattle collection grid plate

9)-Operation procedure:

  • The cattle are driven to the driving-in opening door
  • The cattle is brought into position using a feeder flap and shifting of the positioned
  • The head is pushed upwards automatically by means of a shackle and positioned
  • The box is turned hydraulically by 900 or 1800 clockwise(from the perspective of the operator when in the box looking in the direction of the cattle)
  • Then the staffs killing cattle through neck

The box is turned 1800 side walls opened and automatically ejection of animal onto collection grid plate

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