pig abattoir three points stunning machine

Which mainly used in big scale slaughtering house, the machine include three stunning copper stick, two for head and one for heart, this design will make sure pig un-stunning rated less than 1%, the convey systems of machine used the rubber block and design available height which will make sure the bone broken pig less than 1%, the machine also include one scan systems used to make sure the pig stop in a best position inside machine for stunning, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated Voltage: 380V, 50HZ

2)-Air pressure: 6.0Pa

3)-Power: 2.2Kw

4)-Air consume: 30L/pig

5)-Convey Speed: 7m/min-28m/min

6)-Capacity: 2500Pig per shift

7)-Out size: LX1100X1750mm(LXWXH)


8.1  Stainless steel in sus304 mainly frame and cover

8.2  Copper stunning prods

8.3  The machine controlling by PLC systems

8.4  Electric motor and reducer

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