Cattle bleeding electric stimulation device (QE-C110)

Which mainly used to stimulation cattle for entire bleeding, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated Voltage: 380V

2)-Stimulation Voltage: 48V

3)-Stimulation time: 10-30seconds/per time

4)-Air consume: 3L

5)-TQGB: 80X1400, TSC: 80X250

6)-Out size: 1991X1027X4800mm(LXWXH)

Cattle slaughterhouse device

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  1. Engr.Naveed Sadiq 0

    I am interested in the device. plz let me know the price and also mail detailed brochure of the same.

  2. William Staats 1

    HI, I am interested in this device for my slaughterhouse in the United States, how much is this unit? Does it stun multiple animals? Can you ship to the United States?