Cattle abattoir(slaughterhouse) automatic over head convey rail (QE-C111-I)

Which used to hanging and conveying living cattle for killing、bleeding、hooves removed and so on, the detail data as following:

1)-Motor Power: 3KW

2)-Distance of the hanging frame: 160cm


3.1  Iron coast rail hanger

3.2  Stainless steel orbit

3.3  All rest is hot galvanized

4)-Length: the length of convey rail will depend on abattoir (slaughter) design.

Remark: the systems include following device (the tension device used to fasten the automatic over head convey rail when it relax.)

4.1  Driving Device

4.2  Tension device

4.3 Rotator device

Slaughterhouse equipment

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  1. william 1
    I am setting up a slaughterhouse in southern vermont, united states, we will need a rail system for cattle, pigs, and sheep. we want this rail in the kill room(no longer than 20 ft, to another rail system in the cooler could you give me a price estimate or should i get back to you with dimensions
  2. assas 0
    bonsoir , je veux recevoir une documentation complète sur ce créneau , et je veux recevoir une offre sur une abattoir automatique complète d'une capacité moyenne .
  3. INCOLOR 0