Cattle abattoir(slaughter) manual over head convey rail (QE-C111-II)

Which mainly used in living cattle bleeding、carcass processing、chilling、de-boning conveying, the detail data as following:

1)-Hanger Model: H225

2)-Hanger Distance: 600-800mm

3)-Relative Fork: 1RG, 2RG, 1LG, 2LG


4.1  Iron coast rail hanger

4.2  Stainless steel orbit

All rest is hot galvanized

Cattle slaughterhouse equipment

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  1. Banjo adeniyi 1
    I forgot to add that slaughter method is halal way
    • slaughtering machinery 2
      Dear Sir, Any question or require for the slaughterhouse from EME.please email to my mail box for provide more detail application to your for adopt. Looking Feedback! Clockly Liu(Project Manager) Apr 13rd,2013
  2. Banjo adeniyi 1
    I am currently writing a proposal for a potential client that wants to build a mechanised abattoir in Nigeria and I would very much like to buy all the equipments from your company provided you do equipment traiing and maintanace in your company I would like a quote of how much it would cost me to set up a fully mechanised abattoir that can slaughter 100 cattles per day and 50 sheeps and about 50 pigs per day I presently own a mini abattoir my self which is why I was contacted so a reply is urgently needed.