Automatic carcass processing conveying systems (QE-C203)

Which mainly used to assist cattle carcass processing convey rail for brisket pre-skinning、skin removed、brisket opening、viscera removed and so on, the detail data as following:

1)-Unit: which depend on the capacity of cattle abattoir (slaughter) designing

2)-Rated voltage: 380VAC

3)-Controlling voltage: 24VDC

4)-Driving power: 2.2Kw

5)-Air consume: 5L/Time

6)-the convey speed is fix, the working position stop time is available adjust

7)-Distance of work position: 2400mm

8)-Air cell: EB-215-215

9)-Hoist cylinder: TQGA-160X50-FA


10.1  Iron cast rail hanger

10.2  Stainless steel orbit

10.3 All rest is hot galvanized steel

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