Hyduralic type cattle skin removed machine (QE-C204)

Which mainly used to removing skin from cattle carcass and the skin will complete be removing without broken, and the machine must be used with over head convey rail, the detail data as introduction as following:

1)- Rated voltage: 380VAC

2)-Motor rotate speed: 100~2000R/Min, Cylinder journey: 2200mm

3)-Hydraulic pressure station power: 5.5Kw

4)-Capacity: 30-50cattle/h

5)-Hydraulic pressure station working pressure: 6.3-8Mpa

6)-Out size: 1500X635X4936mm(LXWXH)


7.1  Hot galvanized steel or stainless steel support pillar

7.2  stainless steel skin removed roller

7.3  Stainless steel chain

8)-Operation procedure:

8.1  when the cattle arrived to skin removed position, fasten the skin on skin removed roller through ss chain then turn on machine “down” switch to complete removed skin, meanwhile there two staffs will assistant separate skin from beef beside the machine to avoid the skin broken.

when the skin complete removed then turn off the down switch and turn on “up” switch to release the skin through the skin roller anti-rotation, the skin will drop to skin out put conveying channel.

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    Hi, Could you please send us your best price cif Kigali Rwanda for the Cattle slaughterhouse equipment? Best regards