Cattle abattoir(slaughterhouse) single-pillar pneumatic elevator (QE-C207)

Which used to support workers for assisting remove cattle skin and installation beside cattle skin removed machine, the detail data as following:

1)-Elevating ability: 120Kg

2)-Elevating height: 1600mm

3)-Board size: 1000X700mm(LXW)

4)-Air compressor pressure: above 6Mpa

5)-Elevating speed is adjustment

6)-Air consume: 8L/time

7)-Rated Air pressure: 0.8MPa

8)-Working Air pressure: 0.6Mpa

9)-Out size: 700X600X3800mm(LXWXH)


10.1  Hot galvanized steel or Stainless steel main support pillar
10.2  Aluminum checkered plate support sheet
10.3 Stainless steel shell hand rail

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