Cattle abattoir(slaughterhouse) half carcass band splitting saw (QE-C218)

Which main used to cutting complete cattle carcass into half part along back, the detail data as following:

1)-Rated voltage: 380VAC, 50HZ

2)-controlling voltage: 24VDC

3)-Power: 2.2Kw

4)-Cutting width: 470mm

5)-Length of blade: 2904mm

6)-Out size: 1350X400X500mm(LXWXH)

7)-Material: Stainless steel

8)- include following auxiliary device:

8.1  One set balancer

8.2  Five pieces blade


9.2  The cattle abattoir (slaughter) capacity less than 50 per shift adopt original Chinese brand saw,

9.3  The cattle abattoir (slaughter) capacity more than 100per shift adopt original USA brand saw.


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  1. Stephen 0
    I am interested in procuring a cow splitting saw, I would like for you to get back to me with the price in USDollars, and if you have any agents in Africa.
  2. Kayode Olotu 0
    Please provide us with price, picture and technical information on your cattle splitting saws
  3. lennon 0
    what is the price for the carcass splitter?