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  1. Saurabh Singhal 0
    Dear Sir, I am 72 year old, food technologist & Consultant. Have a experience of 40 years as individual consultancy including consultancy in Africa, USSR, Middle East at more than 25 country. Our one Clint want to install 50 Cattle (Buffalo) & 200 Cattle (Goat) slaughter house Project per day in 16 hour working, with include blast freezer, Plate freezer, Chilling room, & - 20 Deg. Cel. - 15 day production capacity Cold room required. We want to do this project as turnkey basis. Please give me a complete proposal with list of machine, Each machine/Equipment technical details, Each Machine / Equipment individual price, Total no. of 40 Ft. Container required for transporting of goods. No. of Service Engineer & Approximately days required for Installation of Plant including expenses for installation. If send a hard copy of proposal including supporting Catalog / Literature & Video CD / DVD will send by a courier will highly appreciated & his help me to finalize with this clint & Some other pipe line project. Please send me a courier to ... Saurabh Singhal 3/12 A, Hari Om Nagar, Behind D.M. Residence, Aligarh (U.P.) PIN / Zip - 202 001 India M: 0091 - 98 972 52 440, 94 127 32 771