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Qingdao Empire Machinery Co., Ltd (After here called “EME”) is one of the largest and professional livestock abattoir (slaughter) facility manufacturer and Islamic Halal abattoir (slaughter) technology solutions, which located in second biggest coast city-Qingdao city of China, it is about fifty kilometer from factory to international sea port, we are mainly supply various capacity cattle、sheep、pig and poultry abattoir (slaughter) facilities, we are always consideration design different livestock abattoir (slaughter) base on different countries religion, the turn-key project is available for us, the more detail about EME as following introduction:
Business Field:
① The cattle、sheep/goat、pig and poultry abattoir (slaughter)/slaughtering facilities (Include steel building facilities, refrigeration facilities, boiler, generator and so on)
② The livestock abattoir (slaughter)/slaughter rendering plant facilities.
③ The livestock farming facilities
④ The sausage, ham, meat ball, hamburger, hot dog processing facilities
⑤ The abattoir (slaughter) waste water (sewage) treatment facilities
EME as one of Chinese government appoint abattoir (slaughter) and meat deep processing equipment R&D official office in Qingdao city, which main supply two class quality equipment as following:
① General quality standard which base on Chinese quality standard (Main material: Hot galvanized steel )
② General quality standard which base on European quality standard (Main material: Stainless steel)
EME always produce all equipment from spare parts to complete machine in one factory, so that we can control quality of all facilities and reduce cost of complete machine, then we can supply high quality equipment with better price than other competitors.
EME always make before-and-after servicing as the second most important quality guarantee, so we will supply A-Z servicing for customer as following:
 The livestock abattoir (slaughter) layout designing and proposal drafting
 The livestock abattoir (slaughter) facilities producing
 The livestock abattoir (slaughter) facilities international shipment
 The livestock abattoir (slaughter) facilities installation and debugging
 The livestock abattoir (slaughter) equipment operator training
 The livestock abattoir (slaughter) facilities periodic inspection
Remark: We can produce different abattoir (slaughter) facilities base on customers’ layout or sample.
Corporation Certification:
 Through ISO9001: 2000 Standard in 2003
 Through OHSAS 18001: 1999 Standard in 2008
 Through ISO 14001: 2004 Standard in 2008
Exporting Area:
United Stated、Canada、Japan、Russian、Vietnam、North Korea、Pakistan、Bangladesh、Ivory Coast、Libya、Tanzania、Out Mongolia、South African、Egypt、Nigeria、Thailand、India、Pure、Ethiopia and so on
Golden Motto:
 To Be First Class Quality
 To Be First Class Servicing
 To Be First Class Credit Corporation
 To Be Famous Brand Products

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